Cobra® Six-2-Six Slip-Ons

Cobra® Six-2-Six Slip-Ons


These slip-ons marry classic styling with modern manufacturing techniques. Emphasizing the six cylinders that power the classic Gold Wing® engine, each of the slip-ons have three separate bodies on each side giving the bike six pipes total. Each of the three pipes on each muffler ties into a three-into-one collector; the gigantic, clover leaf shaped collector locks each tube into the perfect position and a system of unseen brackets tie the pipes together at the rear. Each pipe's arced bend matches that of the bike’s bags creating perfect visual symmetry; the ends also feature a radical slash cut giving them an even sportier look. These six-into-six mufflers were designed with the F6B in mind.



2012-2017 Honda GL1800 Gold Wing

2013-2018 Honda GL1800B Gold Wing F6B


Finish: Available in Black & Chrome

Price varies by finish